Time passes: Here are a couple of photos of Rocky at twelve years !


Pedigree of: CH Dragonsong Upnorth Toughman
Sex M Reg No.
Date of Birth Breed Default Breed
Owner Breeder
Colour & Markings Call Name Rocky
Comments T
CH Pirim Kasim ENG CH Spandapa's Senghi Lama For Braeduke ENG CH Taimani Ghadiali CH Simpasture Topaz
CH Rutherglen Tai-mar Of Taimani
Braeduke Samgiti Sutta ENG CH Tsingay Tango
ENG CH Cupitcharm Sang Sang At Braeduke
Braeduke Kon-yo At Pirim ENG CH Braeduke Phut-skyi Braeduke Surkhang-se Of Careana
ENG CH Waesfjord Potala
Kushi Ming At Braeduke AM. ENG. CH. Braeduke Colphil Seng Kyi
Alvinas Metok
CH Northwood Cadillac Katalina AM CAN UKC CH ROM ENG IMP Helfor Nyima ENG CH Carretero Dancing Master ENG CH Tsingay Tango
ENG CH Rutherglen Sheri Of Carretero
Noori Of Helfor ENG CH Velrok Lu Tsang At Braeduke
ENG CH Ybrok Eskimo Nell
CH Tibroke Northwood Dragonfly CH Ambriars Paladin Of Jo Jevon CAN CH AM CH ENG CH ROM Amscor Solo Man
CH ROMX Bim's Twin Socks Kamia
Alasans Amazing Amanda