Dragonsong Tibetan Spaniels

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The seller guarantees this dog to be in good health at the time of sale.

The purchaser of the above described dog agrees to take that dog to a licensed veterinarian with in 72 hours of purchase for a health check. If this dog should be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which is attributable to the seller, the dog may be returned for refund or replacement (with a dog of comparable quality, mutually agreeable to seller and purchaser). The choice to be that of the seller.

Additionally, should the above described dog develop a major communicable disease ( parvo, Distemper,  leptospirosis, hepatitis) within 10 days of the day of purchase the seller most be notified immediately.  This dog is warranted and instructions will be given as to how to proceed.  The seller may require the dog be transported to the sellers vet for treatment.  Vet charges may be covered if this situation arises. A refund of purchase price maybe a second option. However both refund of purchase price, and refund of vet fees, is not an option given by the seller. Any Veterinarianís diagnosis shall be subject to confirmation by a second veterinarian chosen by the seller,(and paid for by the seller). If the second vetís diagnosis does not concur the matter shall be taken to a third the cost of which will be split equally by both parties. This dog is further guaranteed to be free of congenital abnormalities that would shorten its life.  These defects must be clearly congenital and not environmental in origin. (Hernias of any type, and cherry eye, are not considered harmful, and are the responsibility of the purchaser unless other arrangements are made.) If the dog is diagnosed with such a problem the seller has the right to require a second vets diagnoses (to be paid for by the seller).  If the diagnoses is up-held the dog will be replaced with a dog or puppy at the first opportunity.  There will be no refund of vet fees or purchase price.


 The purchaser may be provided with AKC limited registration papers, if the puppy/dog is sold as a pet.  That is, non breeding papers.  This dog may not be bred and any offspring of this dog will not/are not registerable.  A.K.C. registration papers may also be held by the breeder until proof of spay neuter is provided.  Then the limited reg. App. Will be signed and sent to the purchaser.

The purchaser agrees to feed this dog the food provided and continue with the same brand for at least 30 days from purchase.

The purchaser agrees to spay and neuter this dog in a timely matter to be determined by the purchasers vet but not to exceed 8 mo. of age.

The buyer agrees to maintain this dog in a proper and healthy environment for its natural life span.  The purchaser agrees to provide this dog with any and all veterinary care necessary (including necessary vaccinations, and heartworm preventative).

The seller does not recommend any flea or tick preventives be used. If the purchaser chooses to use any of these products this limited warrantee will be automatically voided, and the seller will not be held liable for any of the above stated guarantees. The purchaser further agrees to return this dog to the breeder if for any reason it can not be kept buy the purchaser.  This dog may not be sold or given to any other person for any reason. If this contract is broken Pamela Bradbury will seek leqal assistance,


Buy signing this contract the purchaser agrees to all of the above conditions both real and implied.  



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